Many have inquired as to the history of Clan Mackintosh of North America. After much research of letters and documents, the following is a history of the organization as we know it today. Clan Mackintosh of North America did not raise anew, but came into being as a result of an amalgamation of two separate and distinct Clan Mackintosh Societies, organized at different times and at different locations.

In 1973, at the time of The Mackintosh of Mackintosh’s first visit to the Stone Mountain Highland Games as the Honored Guest, those MacIntoshes present at the Games formally met and organized the “Clan Mackintosh Society.” The Chief of Clan Mackintosh was present at the organizational meeting and gave the new Society his wholehearted support. Chief “Dode” McIntosh of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was elected the first President of this Society. This group did not add the appellation “of North America” to its name, since at the time there was a “Clan Mackintosh Society of Canada” in existence.

In 1975, Mr.Stewart McIntosh of Atlanta, Georgia, was elected President; unfortunately, however, he passed away after taking office. With this event, the Presidency passed back to Chief “Dode” McIntosh until 1976 when Mr. Chinnubbie McIntosh of Tulsa was elected President and remained in his capacity until 1978.

Although this group functioned primarily at the Stone Mountain Highland Games and some other functions in the Southwest, they were a formally organized body with a membership and treasury.

In 1977, a group at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, consisting of the late Paul Ritchie, James E. Ritchie, Col. Paul Ritchie, Dr. William D. Ritchie, and Charles G. MacKintosh decided that Clan Mackintosh should be represented at the Grandfather Mountain Games. Thus, a second “Clan Mackintosh Society” came into being and in July 1978, with Dr. William D. Ritchie as Convenor, represented Clan Mackintosh at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games.

Thus we had the situation of two separate Clan Mackintosh organizations existing, organized at different times and at different locations, each unaware of the other.

The two “Societies” were effectively amalgamated in October 1978, when at the annual meeting of the “Stone Mountain” Clan Mackintosh Society, Dr. William Ritchie of the “Grandfather Mountain” Clan Mackintosh Society was elected President and Alta MacIntosh Bearman of the “Stone Mountain” Society elected Vice-President.

“Clan Mackintosh of North America” came into formal being in August 1981, when the Mackintosh of Mackintosh signed his name to the charter of that organization at Moy Hall, Tomatin, Scotland. Under the leadership of Dr. Ritchie, its first President, the first By-Laws were prepared, the society obtained its status as a Non-Profit Charitable and Educational Organization under the IRS Code, and the first steps taken toward making “Clan Mackintosh of North America” a truely national and international organization. The organization has continued to grow and has become a viable Clan organization of considerable stature. Thus, an organization that started as two has become one, for the benefit and enhancement of all.

Officers are elected for two year terms with a maximum of four consecutive years in office. Elections are held with mailed ballots.

The original Society and the present organization have been sanctioned by the Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Chief of the Clan, who resides at the Clan Seat in Moy, Scotland.

Clan Mackintosh of North America is a non-profit corporation organized for existence under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954

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